STM Rumel


A successful sales team generates a constantly growing volume of orders to ensure both security and growth. Sales channels and their success rates are subject to constant change. Long-term success is only attainable if you get the basics right – because, with a perfectly conceived sales concept, approaching and communicating with customers using new and ever evolving channels is quick and clear. Individually adapted for manufacturing companieswith a focus on the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

STM Rumel Sales Concept

1. Potential Analysis

Dietmar Rumel will conduct an analysis of your company and its sales potential. This potential analysis, which will be worked through with you, forms the basis for the sales concept.

2. Market Analysis

Your competitors will be screened to establish clearly just how they communicate. This will also uncover their strengths and weaknesses. The result is an approach for presenting your products and services in line with market requirements.

3. Client Acquisition

At the end of the day, we all want to gain new clients! Dietmar Rumel will work with you on developing a unique concept that will set you ahead of the competition. Tap this new sales potential and enjoy the success you deserve.

His sales concept will give you that edge!


Your production specialist in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering.