STM Rumel


Process-based thinking and process optimisation are crucial for taking your business forward in an effective, economical manner, just as effectiveness and efficiency are necessary for successful management today. This does not mean you will have to redo everything – it is about optimising what you already have instead. Even if everything stays the same, processes can still be improved upon - of course, sustainable creation of value remains our constant focus.

Optimise through practical experience

Do you already know which processes you want to optimise? Maybe you already know that something needs to change, but you have no idea what? Dietmar Rumel and his wealth of knowledge to the rescue! He started out as a machine operator, so he knows the procedures and the usual weak points. This means you can rest assured that he will understand you and will be able to find a solution to your problems.

With Dietmar Rumel at your side, discover the optimisation potential in your company.

Dietmar Rumel is highly experienced in all important areas of your manufacturing company (focus points – the automotive industry and mechanical engineering):

His process optimisation is the sensible way to break free and enjoy an efficient future.


Your production specialist in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering.