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    An ERP system is only as successful
    as the people who operate it.
    Dietmar Rumel
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    There are no problems, only solutions!
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    Guaranteed success, together!
    Dietmar Rumel

ERP Consulting


Digitalisation – a term that has become fundamental for businesses nowadays. It offers plenty of opportunities for procedure optimisation and automation within your company. An ERP system is an important element of this.

Industry 4.0

Today, the buzz-word “Industry 4.0” is widely used in this context. This vision has all company departments, people, machines and equipment communicating and cooperating directly with each other.

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Process Optimisation

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Process-based thinking and process optimisation are crucial for taking your business forward in an effective, economical manner. Only efficient processes will guarantee you long term success.

Sustainable Creation of Value

This does not mean you will have to redo everything – it is about optimising what you already have instead. Even if everything stays the same, processes can still be improved upon - of course, sustainable creation of value remains our constant focus.

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Sales Consulting


A successful sales team generates the volume of orders needed to ensure both security and growth. Sales channels and their success rates are subject to constant change – the market is constantly changing.

Sales Concept

Long-term success is only attainable if you get the basics right. STM Rumel’s innovative service profile for suppliers will make your business stand out from the competition!

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What we can do for you…

Be not afraid of going slowly.
Be afraid of standing still.
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