STM Rumel


All roads lead to Rome, as the proverb goes. The same is true when developing a successful business, as there are many decisions to be made along the way. Some paths take us exactly where we want to go, some turn out to be detours and, unfortunately, some lead to dead ends – Dietmar Rumel will guide you down the right path!

Experienced and Independent

With a focus on production, Dietmar Rumel is your go-to adviser for all things related to ERP, process optimisation and sales.He started as a machine operator and worked his way to the top… now he possesses extensive practical knowledge due to his more than 30 years’ manufacturing experience. Not only does he know the relevant procedures, challenges and logistics like the back of his hand, he’s also highly aware of the key issues for manufacturing companies. In short… he speaks your language!

Additionally, his qualifications from REFA Germany’s leading association for work design, industrial organisation and company development, give him the necessary theoretical background in all things related to workplace and process optimisation..

You can count on Dietmar Rumel’s expert, impartial advice and software recommendations as you work with him achieve your goals together. Guaranteed success!


Master Professional of Technical Management (CCI)

State-certified Technical Engineer

Vocational Baccalaureate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Mechanic

The right partner at the right time is key.
Dietmar Rumel