STM Rumel


Digitalisation – a term that has become fundamental for businesses nowadays. Digitalisation offers plenty of opportunities for procedure optimisation and automation within your company. Today, the buzz-word “Industry 4.0” is widely used in this context. This vision has all company departments, people, machines and equipment communicating and cooperating directly with each other. This direct connection and networking creates transparency and allows companies to plan and control all their resources better, which can provide clear advantages over the competition. What do you need to achieve this? An ERP system that meets your individual requirements.

Achieve your goals with the right ERP system

There are a lot of ERP systems available and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. It's important that you determine what you require from your ERP system and the features it should have… this is where your consultant Dietmar Rumel comes in. With his “One Look Analysis”, he will take a swift look at all the relationships within your company and can build upon them in order to identify and outline the system requirements clearly.

As an ERP specialist with first-hand experience in manufacturing,, Dietmar Rumel knows and understands all the requirements you might have and the problems you might be facing. His active support will ensure no money is wasted on implementing an ERP system that would be wrong for your company. An expert in manufacturing companies with a focus on the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, Dietmar Rumel will support your company in the digitalisation process, in making money and in securing your company's future.

Dietmar Rumel’s concept for successfully introducing your ERP:

  1. Professional analysis of your company’s current situation from a production standpoint
  2. Development of the requirements profile
  3. Drafting a user requirements specification
  4. Independent search for the most appropriate ERP supplier
  5. Constant support during implementation

His ERP consulting is your “insurance” against losses!


Your production specialist in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering.